You’re driving innovation but you’ve got a level head. You want to back up the bold actions you’re taking with statistics and insights. You want to do more with data. You want facts to inform your strategy.

Marketing Mix Modelling

We’ll build a statistical model that analyses how all of your marketing channels and tactics work together to deliver against key performance indicators. You’ll get an in-depth understanding that will help you optimise your investments for maximum returns.

Discover the benefits of Marketing Mix Modelling.

“Jo is simply the best thought-leader and practitioner in marketing mix modelling that I've worked with. She is a clear and effective communicator of complex concepts with extensive industry experience. Jo is equally competent in a consulting/leadership role or hands-on project delivery..."
- Kevin Walsh, Forecasting and Data Analytics Consultant

Marketing Analysis

Whatever your business question might be, I’ll use the skills I’ve built up over twenty years to help you collect, analyse and interpret data that gives you the answers.

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“Jo is exactly the sort of analyst you want on your team. She is 100% reliable and committed to delivering accurate, insightful results.” - Sarah Hunt, General Manager

Freelance Partnerships

Looking for a reliable and experienced freelance analyst to help you deliver on a project or pitch for bigger jobs?

Let’s work together.

“Jo is technically excellent, thorough, well-organised and easy to work with”
- Sarah Stallwood, Principal Consultant

I’ll be your key and your interpreter

Hi, I’m Jo Gordon, a Nottinghamshire-based freelance analyst with twenty three years commercial experience helping national and global clients solve business problems with data. I’ll use my wide-ranging skills to unlock the insights hidden in your data and translate them into language and outputs that you can work with. I set up independently in 2018 to provide services and consultation to in-house analytics teams, as well as working with decision-makers to undertake end-to-end projects.