An extra pair of hands to get over the line

Release pressure and create space

I’m Jo Gordon, a freelance data analyst with a strong academic background and over twenty years experience working with some of the most well-respected analytics teams in the industry.

Tap into my broad range of skills

I’ve been applying what I know to real-world business problems for over two decades. Whether you’ve got a gap in your skill-set, a busy schedule and an unexpected change to the scope of a project. Or you want to spend more time on the things you enjoy and less on the things you don’t, team up with me and we’ll deliver together.

A partnership can help you to...

  1. Deliver on your promises to clients and exceed their expectations
  2. Claim back your time for the work that only you can do
  3. Offer a broader service and pitch for bigger opportunities

If you know what you need, email me now and we’ll arrange a chat: Or take a look around here or on LinkedIn.

“Jo is exactly the sort of analyst you want on your team. She is 100% reliable and committed to delivering accurate, insightful results.” - Sarah Hunt, General Manager

I’m here to help clients make decisions

Hi, I’m Jo Gordon. I didn’t overspecialise during my 18-year corporate career & I have had jobs in market research, data analysis and marketing analytics, both client and agency side, UK and international.

With experience from hands-on to leadership I can work effectively with anyone in your team.

My goal is to help you and your clients to make well-informed decisions that are backed up by data.

“Jo is absolutely great to work with, very reliable and accountable. She has extensive experience. She very quickly got up to speed with the project and delivered a strong and complex analysis, answering all of the client’s requests to a very high standard. I'd love to work with her again in future.” - Camilla Cecarini, Head of Marketing Science

Tell me about your project

Fees start at £400 per day + VATI prefer to discuss scope and agree a fixed fee so that you get what you expect and only pay for what you need. Not a fan of forms? Email me: