Research and Analysis

Unlock the insights your data holds

...and turn them into recommendations you can work with

You appreciate the value of data, but collecting, analysing and interpreting it is a whole other story. Whether you don’t know where to start or you need some help to finish, I’ll step in to solve your problem.

Make informed decisions that increase profits

When you truly understand the numbers behind your business (and your marketing, in particular) you’ll be able to reduce costs and increase sales.

Your data holds the key to more profit.
Work with me to decipher its secrets and…

Feel confident in the choices you’re making and use the insights we uncover to convince others

Confirm what works and what doesn’t, and ensure that your plans are aligned with your goals

Claim back your time for the work you do well and focus on driving the business forward

Exceed expectations with insights that solve real-world problems

Offer a broader service and pitch for bigger opportunities

Ease the pressure your team is facing and allocate resources more effectively

Don’t know where to start with research and analysis?

I’m an all-rounder. I offer extensive research and analysis services using the skills I built up during an eighteen-year corporate career.

Since going independent in 2018, I’ve been using those skills to help business owners like you solve real-world problems with data.

“Jo is technically excellent, thorough, well-organised and easy to work with.”

- Sarah Stallwood, Principal Consultant

Research and analysis services

Data audits

Get a summary of all the data your organisation holds and recommendations on which data sources are most important for you.

Budget setting

I’ll work with you to develop a bespoke, data-driven framework to forecast how much you’ll need to spend to achieve your marketing goals.


Learn how to set realistic sales and revenue targets for your business based on estimates of your future KPIs. All backed up with real-world data.

Descriptive analysis 

I’ll summarise trends and patterns in your data, deliver them in a spreadsheet, document or presentation, and include recommendations for next steps.

Campaign analysis 

I’ll analyse your latest campaign and summarise how it performed in relation to your targets, previous campaigns and industry norms. I’ll include recommendations for your next campaign.

Competitor analysis 

Based on the SWOT principle (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats), I’ll conduct an in-depth analysis of how your business is positioned against competitors.

Desk research 

Make use of my vast experience of sourcing information and statistics that are available in the public domain.

Software training 

Learn how to take full advantage of the software you’re using to collect, record, analyse and present your data.

Something else? 

If you’ve got a problem and you don’t know what the solution is, get in touch. I’ll help you find the right approach.

Your go-to research and analysis expert

Jo Gordon

I’ve handled data for twenty years now, working with some of the most well-respected agencies in the industry.

I didn’t over-specialise, so I’ve built up a broad and deep set of skills that I can put to good use in your business.

I’m not particular about the approach we take. My goal is to help you make well-informed decisions that are backed up by data.

Learn more about me and how I work or view my career history on LinkedIn.

 “Jo is a clear and effective communicator of complex concepts which she's applied in her extensive industry experience. She is equally competent in a consulting/leadership role or hands-on project delivery. I enjoyed and learned a lot from her during the project and would highly recommend her to potential clients.”

- Kevin Walsh, Forecasting and Data Analytics Consultant

Tell me about your project

Please note that my rate for research and data work starts at £175 + VAT. Audits, budget setting and forecasting projects start at £350 per day + VAT.

Go to form. Not a fan of forms? Email me:

Thank you for your enquiry. I’ll email you within 48 hours to let you know how I can help.

“Jo is absolutely great to work with, very reliable and accountable. She has extensive experience. She very quickly got up to speed with the project and delivered a strong and complex analysis, answering all of the client’s requests to a very high standard. I'd love to work with her again in future.”

- Camilla Cecarini, Head of Marketing Science