“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got.” - Henry Ford

I help businesses make smart, data-driven decisions

Jo Gordon

Hi, I’m Jo Gordon, an analyst with over twenty years experience in data and analytics. I set up independently in 2018 after leaving London to build a more rounded lifestyle. Whether you’re running an established analytics team, are an independent business or your own freelance practice, I can use my broad and deep bank of skills to help you unlock the insights your data holds.

I work with decision-makers to turn data into marketing insights, recommendations and strategy

Whoever I work with and whatever approach we take the focus is on using data to drive action: 

  1. Marketing mix modelling for agencies, freelancers and direct to businesses
  2. Marketing analysis for agencies and SMEs. From reporting through to strategic consultancy
  3. Freelance partnerships to combine complementary skills, play to strengths and pitch bigger


“Fast turnaround time. Highly recommend!" - Recruiter

A flexible approach

My preference is to understand the business problem and then design an appropriate method to solve it. The simpler the better. I’ll set things up so they can easily be changed or developed in the future, by anyone. If you want to run analysis in-house eventually, I’ll train your team to a high level. I don’t want to replace what you’re doing, I want to enhance it.

Value for money

I’ve worked extensively for some of the most well-respected firms in the industry, managing projects at a leadership level for famous brands nationally and globally. I work quickly and produce first-rate outputs, for a fair fee that reflects my experience. To put it simply, you’ll get your money’s worth and more. I love what I do and it shows.


When you hire Jo Gordon Consulting, you get me. Nothing in your brief will get lost in translation and the depth of my experience will be reflected in the output. People tell me I’m totally reliable, good at making stuff happen, and great at explaining complex things simply.

“Jo is exactly the sort of analyst you want on your team. She is 100% reliable and committed to delivering accurate, insightful results.” - Sarah Hunt, General Manager


In 2019 I joined the #SBS family after Theo Paphitis selected my business in Small Business Sunday on Twitter.


Beyond the business

You'll often see me post on LinkedIn or here on my blog about the voluntary work that I do with local and national organisations. Like any career, that portfolio is developing and changing all the time. I believe that doing both types of work makes me better at each.

I'm also now an out and proud #slowrunner. Not bad given that I was firmly on the couch less than 12 months ago. A C25k and C210k graduate, I started training for 21.1k in Sep 22. In Jan 23 I became a half marathoner!

Tell me about your project

Fees start at £375 per day + VAT. I prefer to discuss scope and agree a fixed fee so that you get what you expect and only pay for what you need. Not a fan of forms? Email me: jo@jogordonconsulting.com