eBook: Market Measure Plan Profit

MARKET. Every business must market to attract and keep the right customers
MEASURE. Monitoring activities and their impact is the key to a strong plan
PLAN. Build marketing and business plans based on evidence from measurements
PROFIT. Evidence-based plans deliver more profit & allow you to make bolder choices

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This eBook shows how one approach, marketing mix modelling, can be used to increase the your profitability by learning from and then adapting past marketing activities. 

Across four chapters you will learn what marketing mix modelling is, how it works, what it can tell you and how it can be used to help you plan your marketing. 

It is aimed at SMEs and marketers in small to mid-size firms who market across multiple channels. But you don't need any prior knowledge and it explains things as simply as possible. 

Marketing mix modelling is not the only approach that you can take. The bigger picture is about using the insights hidden in your data to take the guesswork & hit & hope out of planning.

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