Other Services

Jo has a broad, transferable skill set built up over twenty years working with commercial organisations.

Summary of data your organisation holds: quality, anomalies, alternatives. Recommendations on which of these data sources are most important according to your objectives. Data collation, input and cleaning can also be included if required. 
Summary: trends, patterns and relationships between factors.
Reporting: spreadsheet; document; presentation.
Interpretation: hypotheses and suggested next steps.
Report on your latest campaign and how it performs relative to: targets, previous campaigns, industry norms.
Based on the SWOT principle: strengths, weaknesses (internal), opportunities, threats (external).
A bespoke data driven framework to forecast necessary marketing spend to achieve business targets.
Estimating future KPIs  is a useful starting point for setting realistic business targets, for example. 
Jo has been managing analytical & business process projects / programmes since 2005. Highly organised coordinator, experienced at working with a broad spectrum of stakeholders, including C suite. Excellent at scheduling, prioritisation and record-keeping.
Excel: intro to spreadsheets best practice; charting; text / arithmetic / logic / lookup functions; pivot tables; statistical functions.

EViews: how to use this package for econometric modelling.

R: introduction; data manipulation; charting; linear regression; marketing analytics packages.
Significant experience of editing UK English marketing and analytics text / graphics for grammar, comprehension and consistency. Acute attention to detail.

Accomplished writer of UK English executive reports & presentations for technical and non-technical audiences on econometrics, MMM and marketing effectiveness.
Jo is very experienced at sourcing information and statistics in the public domain.

Jo loves solving commercial problems with data. Let's talk.